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Sensei Ote wo Douzo

Title Sensei Ote wo Douzo
Author Takanashi Sora
Genre Josei, Slice of Life
Volumes1 [Complete]
Summary This one-shot is a short but sweet age-gap romance about a girl named Hina who has suffered from social anxiety ever since she was a kid. Back then, her nursery school teacher Satoru-sensei encouraged her and helped her face her fears. Hina later grew up to become a nursery school teacher herself thanks to Satoru-sensei's influence. But when Hina gets a job at the same nursery school as him, Satoru-sensei doesn't seem to recognize her at all? Furthermore, her old fears start to return when Hina learns that she and Satoru-sensei will be in charge of MC'ing a school assembly!!


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