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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download your releases?
A: Go to the menu box on your left. Find the "Projects" section, click on "Current" or "Complete". Then find the manga that you want and click on the desired chapter.

Q: When is your next release for _____?
A: Not determined. But I assure you that we will release as fast as we can ^^. If you want faster releases, Join our staff and help us! We try to release 2-3 chapters a week (for the total of projects that we do).

Q: Can we host your releases?
A: Send us an email. If we accept, DO Credit us and link us back ^^ and please do not alter/remove pages from our releases in anyway.

Q: Can I scanlate your releases in other languages?
A: Yes you can but you have to send us an email asking for permission. We will also give your our cleans/raws if you credit our raw provider and cleaner! You just have to ask. We only allow one group to scanlate a project at a time and we have a spreadsheet to keep track of it. You can find it Here . Please do check and make sure your language isn't already being worked on. However we do have several rules for retranslation groups.
1. A group can only be actively working on 5 projects at a time. Both Decadencen & Transcendence project count towards this total.
2. After 3 months another group can take over the project and you'll lose your permissions.

Q: We would like to do a joint project, are you interested?
A: We are always open for new and interesting joint projects. So Please send us an email.

Q: I would like to suggest a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua!
A: Go ahead! We love suggestions! Just leave a comment in the Forum under "Manga Suggestions", send us an email or shout it it in the shoutbox!.

Q: I cannot Download/Open a page on your website!! What do I do?!
A: Please report that error to us by clicking on the "Report Error" link on the Menu to your right. We will fix it ASAP. If that page does not work, please send us an email at

Q: Your webpage is acting weirdly on my computer! All the images and position of things are messed up!
A: This website is made on Firefox and it is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. For the other Internet Browsers out there, We cannot guarantee it's total funtion. So if you encounter this problem, please use Firefox or IE to open this webpage. We are sorry for the inconvenience.