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Releases: BC, MSO, JnH, SK
Posted on: 2016-11-13 12:48:13 by `Roze`

This week from Transcendence we bring you Shibariya Komachi and Joou no Hana. JnH is a joint with Phoenix Serenade so be sure to stop by their website and tell them "Thanks!" for their hard work.

From Decadence we bring you Biyaku Cafe and Mahou Shoujo Ore. Huge shoutout to our translator, Chiisai-hime and our typesetter, Kokoromi for working hard and taking on such a beast! We could really use some help on this project!

Recruiting all positions. Please apply in the forum~

Guest says...
2016-11-13 14:00:30
Thanks for Biyaku Cafe, one more to go :)
olinatasha says...
2016-11-13 20:15:50
Thank you so much for all of these new releases! I always appreciate your hard work and sharing and don't say it nearly enough. But, I do love your work and am very grateful for your generosity. Thank you from the depths of my heart. You always bring such joy to my life with the work you so. *giant hugs*
Guest says...
2016-11-14 04:01:56
I cant believe shibariya is completed; thank you so much for your efforts!!
Guest says...
2016-11-14 10:23:39
Thank you very much for all the new releases!
BlueRozen says...
2016-11-14 10:52:57
Thank you very much for the new Biyaku Cafe chapter! :)
Kelly says...
2017-01-17 22:38:46
Thank you very much! <3

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