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Releases: Butter, KnH, & LS
Posted on: 2016-07-26 14:01:48 by `Roze`

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I finally had my baby girl! She was born June 23rd, very healthy! She's doing very well and so am I! If you want to see pictures come visit us at our discord channel! (I don't wanna spam the site~ xD)

This week we have Butter from Transcendence and Koudaike no Hitobito and SP X Baby from Decadence! Enjoy the releases!

We really need Japanese/Korean translators and proofreaders! All other positions may apply.

Guest says...
2016-07-27 12:22:25
Thank you very much for the releases!
Guest says...
2016-07-27 21:03:28
Congratulations!!!! Also, thank you for these new releases!!
Guest says...
2016-07-28 00:17:35
Congratulations! :) Thank you for KnH<3