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Releases: JnH, NY, and Hetamen!
Posted on: 2015-04-08 21:57:26 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This week we bring you a chapter of Natsume Yuujinchou and Joou no Hana from Transcendence. Please remember JnH is a joint with Phoenix Serenade so be sure to visit them and tell them "Thanks!" for all their hard work.

I would also like to announce that, due to our raw provider no longer being able to provide magazine raws for volume 20 and onwards of Natsume Yuujinchou, we won't release any chapters from volume 20 until the full volume comes out. So please be patient with us because volume 19 hasn't even come yet and we've pretty much done all the chapters in it so far! We will finish up volume 19 and we won't release any of the chapters that will be in volume 20 until we receive the full volume whenever it comes out in Japan. However, if there is anyone out there who can provide on decent raws (better quality than raffmanga) we will continue scanlating it like normal! Please just send me an email at if you're interested in providing us magazine raws for NY! If not, please be patient with us! We want to bring you High Quality manga!

Lastly, we have a chapter of Hetamen for you to enjoy from Decadence! Sorry it took us awhile to get it out. We'll try not to take so much time on the next one because this chapter is a cliffhanger!

We're still recruiting! Please join us! We would love to have you on our team!

Releases: Happy Easter 2015!
Posted on: 2015-04-01 20:34:00 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a bit late. This week we have from Transcendence Really and Cosplay Animal! There was a bit of mix up with Mystic Iris and we didn't release the chapter the same day, so here's the chapter of Biyaku Cafe! Enjoy the releases!

Also have a happy Easter! I'll be spending the weekend with my family!

On another note, I'm sad to say that we've decided to drop Cheon Gi Dot Com. The raws we have for it aren't the greatest, it takes a lot of work to make them presentable and even then they're still really bad. Also most of our staff isn't really interested in this project. If any groups would like to take this project over feel free to send me an email and I'll provide you with any resources you wish that we have~

We're still recruiting! We need all positions!

Releases: SK and Mahou Shoujo Ore
Posted on: 2015-03-24 19:37:48 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! Everyone's getting busy now that the school semester is in full swing. I know I only have a month left until the semester ends so I'm super busy trying to get all the projects each of my classes assigns done.

So please bear with us! This we were only able to bring you two releases. Shibariya Komachi from Transcendence and a new project from Decadence, Mahou Shoujo Ore. This project is kind of out there but it's really funny! I hope you enjoy it.

We apologize for taking so long getting SK out to you guys, there was a lot of terminology that got mixed up when we translated it from Chinese to English compared to the original which is in Japanese. This week, this chapter is sponsored by Midnight! She helped us reach our donation goal.

We're still recruiting! We need all positions!

Releases: SLGS, SG, and CD!
Posted on: 2015-03-17 09:46:39 by `Roze`

This week from Transcendence we bring you a chapter of Cosplay Deka and Switch Girl! From Decadence we bring you Smells Like Green Spirit!

Things are kind of slowing down here at Transcendence with midterm and finals. So we need your help! We really need Proofreaders, Typesetters, Cleaners, Translators, and Quality Checkers. Please join us!

Also a HUGE thank you goes out to Endless_Sorrow who donated $50 to help us reach our goal! Thank you to everyone else that donated! Here at Transcendence we greatly appreciate it!

Releases: Ardour, Miggy, and Kedamono
Posted on: 2015-03-10 18:49:47 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This week we bring you a chapter of Ardour and Miggy from Transcendence. From Decadence we have chapter three of Kedamno Shounen Shoujo. This is a project Decadence has been working on for awhile. I think we picked it up right before we merged with Transcendence. Sorry it took as awhile to get it to you! I hope you enjoy it all the releases~

Also there was an error on our release of Fushy. There were two pages missing. I already fixed this on batoto a few days ago but until our webmistress can fix it in the downloads here's a link: Fushigi

Transcendence needs your help! We need donations! Please help us stay alive! Visit the forums for more information!

We're still recruiting! We need all positions especially Translators!

Releases: New Project!
Posted on: 2015-03-01 22:18:17 by `Roze`

Hellooooo everyone! I'm pleased to announced to you that Transcendence has picked up Fushigi Yuugi Byakko Ibun! We worked super hard through the weekend to bring you this today because as I'm sure a lot of you know it came out the 28th. So please give a round of applause to all the hard working staff! CowTopia - Who was the main coordinator of the project and helped translate, proofread, and typeset. Chiisai-hime - who is the most awesomest translator checker in the world, she also helped PR and do some translating! MingMing who helped out with translating! Nessy - who did some super speedy cleaning. Jovee - who helped do some redraws, and Nielle - who helped proofread, typeset, and do some redraws!

Great team work everyone!

We all hope you enjoy the new chapter from our newest project!

We also have one more release at that's Galism! This is a joint with Evil Flowers so please stop over by their website and tell them "Thanks!" for their hard work.

We're still really need donations! Any amount helps! It really does! Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far, you can't imagine how much all of us appreciate it!

We're also recruiting. All POSTIONS!!! We could really use JP/FR/KR/CH Translators, cleaners and typesetters!!!

Releases: Jnh, Butter, and CG!
Posted on: 2015-02-23 10:40:09 by `Roze`

This week from Transcendence we bring you Butter and Joou no Hana! JnH is a joint with Phoenix Serenade so please visit them and tell them "Thanks!" for their hard work.

From Decadence we bring you the next chapter of Chocolate Girl! Please enjoy all the releases!

We're still recruiting! We really need Translators, Cleaners, and Typesetters! Please join us!

Also please like follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Releases: Love All, Cheon, BC!
Posted on: 2015-02-17 09:22:23 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This week we bring you the second part of Cheon Gi Dot Com. I apologize it took us so long to get it out for you to read! We also bring you Love All which is a joint with Chibi Manga so be sure to check out their website and tell them "Thank you" for their hard work.

From Decadence we bring you Biyaku Cafe which is a joint with Mystic Iris so do check out their website and tell them "Thanks!"

We've gotten quite a few donations this week, so thank you everyone who has donated! We are half way to our goal!

We're still recruiting! We need all positions! Please check out the recruitment section to reply!

Releases: Happy Valentine's Day 2015!
Posted on: 2015-02-14 10:12:38 by `Roze`

Happy Valentine's day, dear readers! We bring you the first chapter of Transcendence's new series, Geten no Hana and a chapter of Love Scatters from Decadence. I hope you enjoy!

What did you do for V-day? Did you spend it with anyone special or do anything fun?

We're still running our Donation Promotion! Please help us attain our goal of $100 by the end of June! Visit here for more information about prizes!

Thank you to Midnight for their donation of 20 dollars!

We're still recruiting any and all positions! Please apply in the forum!

Releases: SG, CA, and LD
Posted on: 2015-02-09 17:11:13 by `Roze`

This week we bring you Switch Girl and Cosplay Animal from Transcendence! And from Decadence we finally bring you the next chapter of Love Devil. Sorry it took so long! I hope you enjoy the releases!

We got our first donation from an anonymous person so thank you out there! We're 5% to our goal. Please donate if you can! Even a dollar helps! Please check out the news two posts ago to find the link to the forum post that explains about the donation prizes and such!

We're recruiting as always! We really need JP/CH/KR/FR translators, Typesetters, Cleaners, and Quality Checkers! We offer training and a free version of photoshop to Typesetter and Cleaner applicants!

Releases: Really, CD, & SLGS
Posted on: 2015-02-02 19:16:35 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This week we bring you Cosplay Deka, Really, and Smell Like Green Spirit from Decadence! Enjoy the releases.

We still haven't gotten any donations! Please help us obtain our goal! We really need your help! Refer back to the previous release for the link to the forum about the donation prizes!

...And if you can't donate maybe consider joining us! We need French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean translators along with Cleaners, Typesetters, and Quality Checkers.

Releases: Another new Series + NY and Ardour!
Posted on: 2015-01-27 15:14:47 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This week we bring you two projects for Transcendence that haven't been released in awhile! Natsume Yuujinchou and Ardour! I hope you enjoy these two! Next we have Aibu de Jirashite from Decadence. It's a collection of smutty one-shots so I hope you like this new series too.

Transcendence & Decadence needs your help, dear readers! We need donations to pay for our hosting, raws, and other website costs! We are running a promotion if you donate where you can get prizes! Please check out the post in the forum for more information here!

We are still recruiting! We really need Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translators!

Releases: Chocolate Girl, Bibi, and JnH
Posted on: 2015-01-20 21:00:31 by `Roze`

This week we bring you the next chapter of one of Decadence's newer projects, Chocolate Girl! I am a huge fan of Yuki Yoshihara myself and when I saw this project hadn't been updated in about two years and there wasn't much left of it I just had to do it!

We also have a chapter of Bibi for you and the next part of Joou no Hana! This is a joint with Phoenix Serenade so be sure to check out their website and tell them thanks for their hard work! Sorry this took a little longer then we would have liked to get to you!

Enjoy the releases and please join us if you have time! We need ALL positions (especially translators).

Releases: Miggy & BC
Posted on: 2015-01-12 10:23:08 by `Roze`

Hello everyone~

This week we bring you the next chapter of Miggy from Transcendence and a chapter of Biyaku Cafe from Decadence! Biyaku Cafe is a joint with Mystic Iris so be sure to visit their website and tell them thank you for their hard work!

We're still recruiting! All positions please apply! We especially need Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translators!

Releases: Happy New Year 2015!
Posted on: 2015-01-05 19:32:07 by `Roze`

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone's new year is going along smoothly. To make things better we bring you the last extra of Black Bird. This finally closes the book on Black Bird. It was a wonderful series but now we can move onto new ones!

We've also go the next chapter of Switch Girl for you and from Decadence we bring you a Hetamen Extra. I hope you enjoy the releases~

Also, to kick off the new year; Transcendence and Decadence have BOTH picked up a new project each! Transcendence has picked up Geten no Hana and Decadence picked up Mahou Shoujo Ore! Please look forward to seeing these projects released in the near future. <3

Also please check out our new Twitter and Facebook page! I have updated the links at the time with completely new pages for each. We had to make new accounts because we couldn't recover the information for the old ones. These will be updated frequently!

We are still recruiting of course! We really need Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and French Translators and typesetters! All other positions may apply!