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Announcement: What's with the red borders...?
Posted on: 2014-09-11 08:37:04 by Nicole

Hey guys! Sorry, no releases from me; sorry to get your hopes up. I wanted to explain the red borders on some of the project images. These designate the grown-up Decadence projects. This way, you can either find or avoid them as you please. ^-^ The WebReader will also follow this system. Speaking of which, I'm headed over there now to release a bunch of Decadence stuff. Happy reading!

Releases: Projects that haven't Released in Awhile!
Posted on: 2014-09-01 14:21:05 by `Roze`

This week we bring you you some projects that haven't been released in a few months!

We would also like to say regarding the previous issue with the other scan group that we have worked it out. We both said our apologies and we now plan to keep working on both projects, both of us releasing our own versions. You are free to read whichever release you want but both groups would encourage readers to refrain from bashing any of the groups. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all please.

We would also like to say that we have NOT dropped any of our projects. If we drop them we will post a notice as well as move them to the 'dropped' section.

We are also recruiting! We could really use Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French Translators, Cleaners, Typesetters, Quality Checkers, and Proofreaders. Please, if you're interested, apply! We've lost a lot of staff since Transcendence hit its hard spot for a few months there.

Enjoy the releases! :D

Releases: Black Bird
Posted on: 2014-08-30 00:57:04 by `Roze`

We bring you yet more releases! Please enjoy these two chapters of Black Bird! We are almost to the Grand Finale!

Releases: Mass Correction
Posted on: 2014-08-29 10:09:46 by `Roze`

Sorry guys! Looks like there was a few pages missing in Black Bird! I'm still new to this site and how it works. I'm not sure how to just replace the link. But here it is now!

Also, some of you may know we've been fighting with another group. They have been disrespectful and violating the courteous conduct rules of scan groups. They never asked if they could take our projects, they never asked our progress. They simply took.

We weren't going to mention anything out of courtesy but they started bashing us first so we have to defend ourselves. Please support us as we fight back for our projects that were ours in the beginning!

Releases: Mass Release!
Posted on: 2014-08-29 07:37:32 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! This is the exciting announcement you've all been waiting for! It took us a smidge longer to get it ready for you then I had planned but that's okay!

The announcement is that I, Roze, have taken over the Admin position here at Transcendence. You may have notice activity at the website and forum and that's because of me and my lovely team members.

Now some of you might known that I ran a scan group called Decadence that was a sister group of Transcendence. Since I took over the admin position here I decided to merge Decadence with Transcendence because there was no way I could manage each one separately!

So for those of you who don't know what Decadence was it's a group that works on smut projects. If you don't want to view those just look out for projects that have [Decadence Project] in the description. We hope to do something soon that will make the projects more discernible on the overview of the projects eventually.

Now I want to give a round of applause for the lovely ladies (and gents) who worked tirelessly to prepare these releases for you! Give it up for Nielleified--who QCed, PRed, and poked people all the time; DuchessofFantasy--who TSed and Cleaned like the wind; Blue3wind--who TSed and Cleaned as wind (pun intended); Nadisara--Did lots of the PRing; Chiisai-hime--An awesome Translator/Translator Checker/Proofreader. This gal has many talents; MingMing--Who translated so fast I couldn't even believe it; Harrstein--who edited quite beautifully; and Yen_Claire--who cleaned very fast. They all did an awesome wonderful job!

And I'd like to give a special mention to x_Nielleified and DuchessofFantasy! Fanta is the Decadence section Manager, and Nielle is my partner and a manager of Transcendence. They've all worked so hard to bring these to you!


Releases: Natsume Yuujinchou
Posted on: 2014-08-23 15:16:12 by `Roze`

Hello everyone! We've got some new chapters of NY for you! This is just a sneak preview of what's to come later this week! Keep your eyes pealed for a special announcement!

Releases: Love All and Galism!
Posted on: 2014-07-01 20:09:05 by Nicole

Wahoo! Two new chapters for you all! So many thanks and cookies go out to Evil Flowers for collaborating with us on Galism. ^-^

Releases: We aren't dead yet!
Posted on: 2014-06-07 15:56:04 by Nicole

Hey, guys! Here are some chapters for you to enjoy. I know things have been pretty quiet around here for a while and I'm sorry about that. Several of us who are in "higher up" positions have been having to grow up and deal with real life stuff like grownups. XP So please bear with us as we figure out how to juggle things and, as always, apply to join us in our quest to bring awesome manga to English-speakers!

Announcement: Decadence Scans!
Posted on: 2014-03-25 20:39:25 by kuri

I have an exciting announcement for you guys!

Roze, one of our awesome editors, has started up a sister group called Decadence Scans. Transcendence does mostly all-ages projects, and so we decided that we needed a sister group for the more "adult" projects that our members are interested in working on.

They've been working on putting out releases for the past couple of months, and they already have a bunch of projects going! So if you're interested in some more sexy manga, go check them out at! And please drop them a line if you like their releases and want to help out!

Releases: Quick Release!
Posted on: 2014-03-23 18:52:30 by kuri

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a few weeks since our last release, but we're back with a few things for you, including one long-awaited release!

First up is Galism chapter 18! It's been a long time since we've last had a release for this series, and we're excited to say that our friends at Evil Flowers have helped out in getting this ready with us. On our end, it was translated by Kairiii and proofread by Angel, and EF did the editing and quality check.

Next up is an old Natsume Yuujinchou extra! It had been missed waaayyy back when we were working on volume 6, but we decided to complete it and get it out for you guys to read. MingMing did the translation, Soraiiya the proofreading, and Yen_claire did the editing. Zephyr did the quality check.

Last up for this week is Switch Girl chapter 48! It was translated by Ordog/Fairth, proofread by Sweeny, and edited by Chimichika. I (Kuri) was the quality checker.

I want to give a hearty thanks as always to all of our staff who have been working even though they're getting into the thick of the spring school semester, and I want to thank all of our readers for being so great and supportive!

Releases: Last chapter of Men's Kou!
Posted on: 2014-03-02 21:30:29 by kuri

I just got back from vacation and I'm sleepy, so I am going to be a little lazy about my information about the releases this week. I hope you enjoy the chapters anyway!

First up: Cosplay Deka. An extra after Case 1, this one was translated by Putochan, proofread by Soraiiya, edited by Eri, and checked by Zephyr.

Second: Hanayashiki no Juunintachi. Translated by MingMing, proofread by Kaiaka R, edited by Roze, and checked by Zephyr. Only two more chapters left after this one!

Lastly, the last chapter of Men's Kou! There are still a few extras left, but we'll probably be releasing them all in one batch whenever they're all finished. We're super-excited to have another series (almost) completed for you guys. It's really satisfying, if a little sad. It was translated by Putochan, proofread by AyuAine, edited by one of our new (and prolific) editors, Chimichika, and checked by Zephyr.

Thanks to all of our hard-working staff, and thanks as always for all of the support from you readers!

Releases: Joou no Hana!
Posted on: 2014-02-17 11:05:39 by kuri

This week I'm happy to announce that we finally have a Joou no Hana release available for you all. I know it's been nearly three months since the last release, but it's finally ready. This chapter was translated by Ulzzang, and proofread by Angel, who also is doing the hard work of managing the project. Roze cleaned it for us (I hear Roze really loves cleaning) and Kristie did a great job of typesetting. Both Zephyr and Otaku_Mel checked over this one due to a little mix-up, so you can be sure that it's extra perfect this time!

Next up is another chapter of Bibi. Joopinks, the translator, commented on this chapter that "Bibi just got crazy," so it sounds like Bibi readers are in for some excitement! Tear, a staff member we lost to computer problems and real life, did the proofreading for this chapter, and Roze stepped up to do the editing. Zephyr checked it over to make sure that everything looked good for you guys to read!

Last up this week is another chapter of Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken. You guys might like all of the frills and fanciness of this series, but I hear that it is a definite pain to clean! Luckily Tania did that for this chapter with no complaints! Halomarie proofread MingMing's translation (and MingMing has been on a translating charge lately), and Roze typeset it for us, even though she got a bit confused by the script (and I have to admit it's a little confusing, even in the original Japanese). Zephyr made sure it made as much sense as possible for you guys.

We might be slowing down a little bit in the upcoming weeks, since we're getting into midterms season and school is ramping up for all of the rest of our student staff, but we'll keep trying to get releases out to you as fast as we can manage! Thanks for your continued support!

Releases: Shibariya Komachi!
Posted on: 2014-02-09 11:03:45 by kuri

I'm so excited to finally have a Shibariya Komachi release available for you all! It's one of a couple remaining projects that we haven't managed to get a release out in the past month or so, and I'm really happy that our staff has managed to get it together for you. It was translated by Xiaowu, another translator who has been around with us since the start, and proofread by X_Niellefied, one of our newer proofreaders. It was cleaned by Tania, one of our quiet but dependable editors, and typeset by Kristie, who has been helping us out for a couple years now! Quality checked by Zephyr, of course, who is just as thrilled to have this chapter ready and finished!

Next up is Switch Girl! We might be a bit behind the Japanese releases, but we're still working on it! This chapter was both translated and typeset by the intrepid Kiriane! Sadly, it sounds like school work might be leaving her with less time to help us out in the near future, and we'll certainly be feeling her absence (although she'll still be around to chat with us!), but school and work definitely has to come first. Sweeny did a great job proofreading, and Verdandi stepped in to clean the pages beautifully. I can tell you all of this in great detail because I (Kuri) was the one who did the quality check! I think it looks great, but if you see any problems, feel free to complain so that I can get better!

Last but not least is another chapter of Cosplay Animal. It was translated by the now-retired Yui, and proofread by Soraiiya. X_Niellified, who started out as a proofreader, branched into doing the typesetting of this chapter as well! It was cleaned by Roze, and checked over by the ever-hardworking Zephyr.

Thanks again to all of the staff who helped out on these chapters and the ones that are coming up for release soon, and thanks also to our readers, especially to the ones who don't keep bugging us about when the next release will be! We promise you, we're working on it!

Releases: We're still going strong!
Posted on: 2014-02-01 13:41:18 by kuri

And we have some releases that you may have been waiting for!

First off is Black Bird! I know Black Bird is one of our most popular projects, and I'm sorry it's been a couple months since our last release. Kiriane (one of our founding members) did the translation, and it was proofread by Kaiaka R. LittleWeird (from Evil Flowers) has gratefully stepped in to help us out with the editing. Zephyr did the final check.

Butter is another series that has been waiting a long time for a new release! We finally got it out for you, and now need to get working on the next chapter. I (Kuri) did the translation and Angel did the proofreading. Soraiiya and Roze shared the cleaning duty (Sora's been busy with school, but she's still been doing as much as she can!), and Roze stepped in to do the typesetting this time around. Zephyr, of course, did the quality check.

Up next is the second half of Really?! chapter 26. We couldn't leave you guys hanging for too long! Joopinks did the translation, and Tahura did the proofreading check. Harrstein did the editing, and (surprise surprise) Zephyr did the QC! Maybe I should just let you guys know when someone else does QC...

Last up is another chapter of Hanayashiki no Juunintachi. There's only three more chapters left to go after this release! Thanks to MingMing for doing the translation, Kaiaka for the proofreading, Roze for the editing, and you can guess who for the quality checking.

I want to thank all of the hardworking staff who worked on all of these projects, as well as everyone who's been working on the projects that we'll be seeing in the coming weeks and months. I also want to thank all of you readers who support us and leave comments for us! We really love to get your messages and hear that you're enjoying the things that we're working on.

Releases: Three releases this week
Posted on: 2014-01-26 21:47:25 by kuri

We just keep on going, guys! We have three more releases for you this week.

The first is Cosplay Deka, translated an eon ago by retired translator Kairii. Soraiiya proofread it, and Eri helped out with the typesetting. Zephyr of course is our intrepid Quality Checker!

Love All is a joint project with Chibi Manga, and they provided the translations and the quality checking, and Roze did the cleaning while Nielleified typeset the chapter (and provided some extra proofreading).

I know some of you have been waiting (im)patiently for Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken, and we finally have a new chapter out for you! This was one of MingMing's first translated chapters for our group, and it was proofread by Halomarie. Verdandi and Roze worked on the typesetting, and the cleaner was none other than our founder, Xye! Zephyr did the quality checking (surprise, surprise).

We're still working hard for you and we have some chapters nearly ready for release, including some series that haven't seen a release for a while now! I'm really excited to be able to get all of these new chapters out for you, and I hope you appreciate them, and our amazing staff who have been working so hard for you these past few weeks!